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Project Description
SharePoint Search Admin is a windows form based tool to manage Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Search Server 2008 search functions. It can manage content sources, schedules, and crawl status. Please note that source code is included in release packages.

(Formerly named MOSS Search Admin)

Some additional functions which default SharePoint Server interface cannot provide:
Add/Schedule Custom Content Source
Add multiple Lotus Notes Content Source by one click
Add multiple Lotus Notes DB to single Content Source(Notes/Custom)
Schedule all types of content sources without webpage javascript errors

A new version for SharePoint Server 2010 is being developed, stay tuned.

For MS internal questions, please contact: Jie Li (SHAREPOINT)@MSFT.
Others please post your questions on discussions.

A small set of features will be added in the coming days. For example, detect start addresses that are already in the content source.

The whole UI will be complete rewritten in the next major release to provide a full function search management UI.

Ver .080b 06.02.08
+Keywords and Bestbets management. Backup and restore whole collection with XML files.

Ver .071 - Suspender 03.01.08
+PAUSE/RESUME all schedules, contributed by Larry Kuhn (Thanks!)

Ver .071 02.09.08
+Automatically append a content source cid after Edit Content Source page (For example, http://moss:90/Default.aspx => http://moss:90/Default.aspx?cid=23)
+A prototype custom content source edit page, can only display information about custom content source now, will be improved later

Ver .07 02.08.08
+Add Multiple Lotus Notes databases to Custom Content Source by one click.
+Can specify content source edit page.

Ver .06 02.02.08

+Add multiple Lotus Notes start addresses in single content source
(Can support 250,000 Lotus Notes databases in single SSP instead of 500 in SharePoint 2007/Search Server 2008)

Recent Releases:

SharePoint Search Admin Ver .080b 06.02.08

MOSS Search Admin Walkthrough

Notes Monitor Ver .01 07.13.07

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